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Bodhi tree and pond at Lumbini


  1. Kathmandu valley is an UNESCO world heritage site since 1979

  2. To take a flight across the Mt Everest for that breathtaking views of the highest mountain in the world?

  3. Sagarmatha national park is an UNESCO world heritage site since 1979

  4. Royal Chitwan national park is an UNESCO world heritage site since 1984

  5. To visit Lumbini the birthplace of Lord Buddha which is also an UNESCO world heritage site since 1997

  6. To visit the numerous casinos in Kathmandu

  7. To visit the Annapurna circuit which is considered as the one of the best treks

  8. To visit Nagarkot for that excellent views of the Himalayan range

  9. To visit Bhaktapur a well preserved historical city and center of Nepali pottery making

  10. To witness the world Elephant Polo competition the only of its kind in the world

  11. To see the 8 of the 10 highest mountain peaks in the world which are in Nepal


  • The other name for that abominable snowman living in the Nepali mountains is Yeti

  • Although Nepal is a Hindu kingdom, the other religion followed by most people is Buddhism

  • The name of the famous street in Kathmandu where hippies lived in the 60’s & 70’s is Freak Street

  • The famous pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Buddhist is Muktinath

  • The name of the beautiful lake by which Pokhara lies is Phewa Tal

  • Durbar square is the name of the square surrounded by Pagodas, temples & palace of assemblies in the capital Kathmandu

  • Himalayas as known as “White Mountains” in Nepal

  • Mount Everest is known as Sagarmatha to the locals

  • Kali Gandaki Gorge is the deepest gorge in the world

  • The most common variety of tree or shrub found on the Himalayan mountains is Rhododendron

  • The Tree Line is the name given when trees stop growing above a certain altitude on the Himalayan mountains


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