Histrorical Thailand

  1. One ancient culture in Thailand is reported to have developed the ability to use bronze before 3000 BC. What was the name of this culture?

  2. What was the name of the great T'ai state of modern Yunnan province in China that fell to the armies of Kublai Khan in 1253?

  3. After having seen Thai kingdoms such as Lan Na and Sukhothai crumble before Burmese attacks in the 18th century, the Thai people were in a ruinous situation. But out of the ashes of this relative chaos came a general who was able to reunite the various Thai states and help repel the remaining Burmese forces. Who was this general?

  4. Soon after Thailand was reunited, in 1782, a new general named Chaophraya Mahakasatsuk took power. He re-established the capital at Krung Thep (modern day Bangkok) and renamed himself. What was the reign name of this new king?

  5. This new Thai king took great pains to compose an epic piece of literature which was based on an ancient Indian work. What was this Thai version called?

  6. Influenced by the Meiji resoration in Japan, and following in his father King Mongkut's footsteps in continuing economic and political reforms in Thailand, which Thai king abolished slavery and established a modern civil service in Thailand?

  7. The key politician of the next two decades (1932-1957) was a lieutenant colonel who ended an attempted rebellion of the former royal family in 1933 and first involved the military as a key force of politics in Thailand, who was he?

  8. Which country was responsible for bringing Thailand into World War II?

  9. In the late 1960s, Thailand held a major position in global politics due to its close geographic proximity to Vietnam and the conflict occurring in Indochina. On which side did Thailand fall during this conflict?

  10. The 1970s were a time of political instability in Thailand with political protests and peaceful demonstations on the streets and college campuses. All of this culminated in a massacre of students that occurred at which major university in Bangkok in 1976?

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