1. What are the Red Dzao, the Black Hmong and the White Thai?

  2. Which river flows across southern Vietnam and empties into the South China Sea?

  3. Vietnam has a long sea coast on the South China Sea. Which other body of water laps its shores?

  4. 'Where the dragon descends to the sea' is how this Vietnamese place name is often translated. Which place name?

  5. Vietnam's Communist leader Ho Chi Minh was also known by a nickname. What was it?

  6. Whereabouts in Vietnam would you be if you were on the Perfume River?

  7. The three-wheeled bicycle rickshaw seen throughout Vietnam is known as a what?

  8. In which month is the Tet festival generally held?

  9. If you wanted to get new clothes made which part of Vietnam is most famous for this?

  10. What is a Mekong speciality dish?

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